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Ro System
History Of Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis, also known in some places as hyper filtration was first developed over 40 years ago with the success synthesis of semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane can selectively extra water "molecules" from the water while keeping thw contaminants away from the permeate side (i.e. the clean side of the membrane). Originally the purpose for this kind of system was in seawater desalination applications as an alternative technology to distillation which is very energy demanding. With the progress of space race.
NASA also invested heavily into the technology as the solution for providing drinkable portable water for space flight. Today, aboard the space shuttle, Reverse Osmosis forms a critical component to recycle waste including human fluid discharge. In many places and cities (such as New york and London, etc) also, the local water authorities invested heavily into this technology for municipal water recycle programs due to increasingly stressful natural water sources.
The technology has proven itself to be both mature and reliable. In early 70s, the first commercial low pressure semi-permeable membrane was developed and is capable of producing 1 to 5 gallons per day of clean,safe drinking water for small households which is enough for consumption by most small 4persons family. Today,with the technology advancements the capacity of such low pressure system ca provide up tp 100 gallons per day, more than enough to satisfy all the drinking and cooking needs of a family.
Working Principles of RO System :
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