Sediment Filter
Precarbon Filter
Postcarbon Filter
membrane Filter
Ultra Filtration
TDS Controller
Purification Capacity 15 Lts/Hour
Max Duty Cycle 60 Lts/Days
Storage Tank Capacity 08 Lts
Major Filter Technologies RO + UF + TDS Controller
Input TDS 2000 PPM
Inlet water pressure 0.3kg/cm2
Input Voltage 220 Volt AC / 50HZ
Output Voltage 24V/36V DC
Standard warranty 12 months
1. 5Micron : In this Filter made Polypropylene Spun Fiber. It removes Suspended Impurities in water like Sand, Dirt, Rust, Slit providing First, Line protection for the whole system.
2. Antiscalent : An Antiscalent is a retreatment Injected into the water enters the R.O Membranes. The Presence Delays the reaction between Calcium, Magnesium and Bi-carbonate. The result is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO as the duration of the water in the membrane system is relatively short during treatmen, Scale formation is prevented.
3. Sediment Filter : It removes Smaller contaminates upto 1micron and any other suspended particles and also protects the RO membrane.
4. Pre carbon Filter : It removes Colour, Odour, Chlorine & Pesticides in the feed water.
5. Carbon Block Filter : It removes Undesirable Toxic Chemicals and Slow Poison in the feed water.
6. Membrane Filter : RO membrane eliminates 90.96% of all dissolved impurities & harmful substances in water as well as Bacteria and Viruses.
7. UF Ultra Filtration : It removes Bacteria and Cysts.

8.TDS Controller :In this stage maintains essential natural minerals in the purified water.

9. silver Activated Post Carbon : In this Filter improves the natural taste in the purified water.