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Jaquar Aqua Tech company is predicated out of Madras, India. Our objective is to bring back you the most effective of each foreign and in house artificial language product at the foremost cheap costs. we tend to our glad for your generous patronage that have created India one in all the leading distributors of R.O. product as well as, however not restricted to, Counter prime R.O. systems, Wall Mounted R.O. Water Filters and U. V Purifiers.
We Jaquar Aquatech feel in ourselves in concert of the leading distributor in India. we tend to are addressing preferred brands of water purifier like aqua guard, Eureka Forbes, Kent, Luminous, info and then on. Our service engineers are true consultants with world expertise and fervour for the product. Our team is often committed to providing you with artificial language water apparatus you may satisfy.
JAGUAR AQUA TECH as a company is known as our life HEALTH "&" HYGIENIC. It is committed to weed out all the impurities around as whether they are present in the water we drink or use for house holding purpose. And thus make our lives HEALTH "&" HYGIENIC. In our products are reflections of this commitment. Backed by cutting edge technology, each of our products provides solutions for attaining purity in the most convenient manner. And now it’s time for you to turn your life HEALTH"&" HYGIENIC.
Maximum of all Diseases are water-borne. It is necessary to be sure of the quality of the water you are drinking. By choosing the best water purifier system is the right choice to avoid the water borne diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid etc in that way Jaquar aquatech provide the quality water purifier products and suggest about them.
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